Life in Israel: 20 reasons why you should move to the country

Moving to another country is a big decision, and many people consider Israel as a place for a fresh start. Here are 20 reasons why you should consider moving to Israel:

  1. History and Culture: Israel has a rich history and cultural heritage that attracts historians and cultural scholars from around the world.
  2. Religious sites: Israel is a sacred land for many religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is home to many shrines and pilgrimage sites.
  3. Modern Cities: Israel is developing rapidly and its cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, etc.) provide modern living and working environments.
  4. Technology and Startups: Israel is known as the “Startup Nation” and is a centre for high tech and innovation.
  5. Language: Hebrew is the official language of Israel, but many people speak English and multi-lingualism is prevalent.
  6. Education: Israel has a high level of education, and the country is home to world-class universities.
  7. Medical System: The health care system in Israel is praised for the quality of medical services and research.
  8. Culinary: Israel offers a diverse and delicious cuisine, including many dishes with Mediterranian, Arabic and Jewish influences.
  9. Natural Beauty: Israel has diverse landscapes, from the Mediterranean coast to the Negev Desert and the Golan Heights.
  10. Coast and beaches: The Mediterranean Sea provides excellent opportunities for beach holidays and water sports.
  11. Diversity: Israel is a cosmopolitan society with people from different countries and cultures, which creates a unique atmosphere.
  12. Political stability: The country is characterised by a stable political system and democratic values.
  13. Security: Israel pays great attention to the security of its citizens and visitors.
  14. Sports: Israel supports a variety of sports including football, basketball and tennis.
  15. Events and Festivals: Israel hosts many cultural events and festivals throughout the year.
  16. Social opportunities: Israel provides a variety of social programmes and services.
  17. Travelling: Israel is an excellent starting point for travelling throughout the Middle East and Europe.
  18. Infrastructure: The country has a well-developed transport and communication infrastructure.
  19. Therapeutic Mineral Springs: Many natural springs and resorts for health and relaxation.
  20. Community: Israel has an active and diverse society, and for many immigrants this becomes an important aspect of adjustment.

However, before deciding to move to Israel, it is important to carefully consider all aspects, including visa conditions, employment, housing and financial aspects.